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There's awesome support and wisdom on this forum - sometimes when you just need to get rid of the free floating stuff in your head in early sobriety, it's great to come here and just type-talk out loud - it helps - and we've been where you're at.

My early sobriety was not just filled with one day at a time - heck, sometimes it was an hour at a time - whatever it takes. It's an adjustment and it's important to re-center ourselves and develop healthier habits to eliminate the stress or whatever we used alcohol as a crutch for (and alcohol is beer, wine, spirits - all the same).

Something cool that I do is start my day over at any time of the day if things are going crappy. If it's 10am and the morning was full of headaches, traffic, whatever, I wouldn't let that set the precedent for the rest of the day - I'd just take a breath and turn the morning over and act as if the day's starting over again, kinda like a clean slate - it's pretty refreshing.

Again, welcome. Look forward to seeing you around here.
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