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Need advice on visitation

Hey everyone, I haven't been on here for a while, and I must say, it's been a relief not to have to come here!

Well, I left stbxah about 2 months ago now and he hasn't seen the kids in over a month. I'm back in the home with the kids, he's elsewhere with a friend, although he is being sketchy as to his exact location.

He finally wants to see the kids tomorrow. I don't want to agree to anything unsupervised. (He's been served with divorce papers but we haven't come to any formal visitation agreements yet). He's suggested that I drop the kids off at his friend's house, where is friend's wife will be there with her kids to be witness to the fact that he is not drinking. She and I have been in contact about this and I do trust her.

He says he's been sober since the beginning of March.

I think I am ok with this, as long as I can meet with him for a few moments myself when dropping them off. I really want the kids to see him, they miss him so much. I emailed my lawyer about it and still waiting, but seeing at it's the holiday I doubt I will get an answer.

I was thinking of getting a signed statement from his friend's wife.

What do you think?
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