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Day 3 update....

Guys what exactly are DT's??? I have been feeling really pressure in my left chest, afraid to look into coworkers eyes at work becasue my pupils look like I been on meth for 3 days, but I read where the withdrawel can do that also, the worst is the feeling of confusion and not wanting to go around people for fear of passing out at some point,
My goal for today was to make it thru work(I work graveyard) which I did but at time I was questioning whether I would stroke out a few times, for the rest of the day at home I took my clonidenn and Niacin, and will wait before trying to rest to take the ambien, i have been staying with the LARGE bottle of gatoraide wherever I go.
Other than that I dont have a plan yet once I get out of the withdrawals Im just trying to make it out of there safe first.

Thanks in advance for any imput on what to do or expect for the rest of the day today.

My history was about a pint to pint and half of Crown with 4-6 beers a day for the last 2-3 months, when I wasnt drinking I was withdrawing trying to stop but it was NEVER this bad
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