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Thank guys,,,for the support

and the profuse sweating and my mind thinking about adding the novacaine could maybe kill me(well in my racing mind atthe time that exactly why i left outta for as the 7 posts from december I was all out to stop for new years and I think i made it five days and then went on a 4 days blackout with ambien blackouts,,quit a few day and this has been the pattern but this last 4 day episode that ended sunday coused me some seruious embarassment, calling co owrker and not remembering the conversation,,,wking up on the floor and finding all my medicine bottles had been melted,,,guess i probably left the stove on,,ya think>>>

I signed back in today becasue I feel like im out on an deseert island,,,ive cried wolf many times and had friends and family come to the rescue, went to treatment exactly one year ago,,,,so now Im on my own and with my son graduation coming I want to do whatever it take to stay sober until the and beyound any imput from you guys AND gals and advice would be greatly appreciated,, I have the clonidene for blood pressure and celiex for the depression which was part of the ptoble just refilled it today been out a week , and have taken it for 1 year

the sweats at night wqhile i cat sleep and thinking all those negative thought eat me alive....

thanks people for caring enough to reply to my cry out for help

God Bless you all
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