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Hi aguyintx,

Welcome to SR

I dont think I could have given up the alcohol with someone in my life still drinking, at least not now. I am 41 and have been abusing alcohol for 25years and I can tell you that it all goes down hill at this age. I wish I would have stopped sooner, I guess better late that never.

Try to get her some help somehow because it is only going to get worse. Mabey instead of having a drink when you get home go for a walk or do something to help you unwind. I am by no means an expert about alcoholism, "besides the fact that I know how it has ruined my life until now" but drinking everyday in my opinion is a problem.

You have found the right place for support and information, there are lots of great people on this site that probably have gone through the same type of situation that you are in.

Hang in there and get her some help, best of luck to you and your wife.
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