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I appreciate this post/thread. I have these thoughts - a lot. I'm on day 77 now, and have had about 2 1/2 months of peace...and I start to think, well, maybe I can drink just a few, or just on Saturday or whatever. But then I think of all the times before that I tried to control it and epically failed. And how I'd be good for a while, and then pull off the mother of all drinking marathons, not knowing what happened, so sick that I didn't even START puking until 24 hrs. after the last drink. Then I think - no, that ship has's not for me.

My husband and friends are starting to respect me again, and trust me again not to be that girl, the one we have to babysit, and I don't want to lose that. Someone a couple weeks ago even suggested that I drive one of the drinkers somewhere because I was the only sober one. What a concept. I was the dependable one for once, and it felt pretty damn good.
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