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6 months sober today

for the newcomers....under 2 weeks. i pain for you. it was 6 months ago that i stopped killing myself. the first week was awful and the only thing that kept me going was this website.

it took me to at least 90+ days before i started getting what i call good sleep. the triggers get weaker every day. i attended a college baseball game yesterday where beer was served and for a second i thought it would be nice to have one.

but then i asked myself the question i learned here..."would adding alcohol make this situation better"....once again the answer was really no. i never gave it a second thought.

it's funny, my youngest son now has a full drivers license. this would be the time of my life where i could come home and just start slamming because i know i don't have to drive the rest of the night. but now i've ironic is that???? lol.

since i've been quit, my paycheck goes much further.

i've truly been able to give my oldest son (recent college grad) sound advice instead of being passed out on the sofa.

i've not embarrassed either of my sons by being passed out on the sofa when they come through with their friends.

i just got back from a week long trip with a medical/dental mission group that was entirely out of the question while drinking.

i quit after a 3 day weekend free for all. and now i've made it through several holiday weekends without getting toxic.

thank goodness for this place. it is the main reason i have been able to quit and remain quit.
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