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Welcome. It is always extra cool to see someone young getting sober, I really admire and envy you. I beat up my body with various substances, mainly booze, until I was 44. You do not want to do this.

I still get insomnia myself. However I suspect it is the cravings, not insomnia, that has you all wound up. Am I right?

I cannot help on E cravings but for booze, it would be chocolate, hitting the chat room here or an AA meeting. In your area there are about a gazillion AA meetings so that is cool.

There are also some prescription meds available that are supposedly good for alcohol cravings, (campral and naltrexone are 2 of them) but I have never tried them. Call you Dr. if you are interested.

Good luck and keep us posted. We are on 6 continents so there is usually someone here.
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