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HockeyFreak, I relate to what you said a LOT. I had a constant routine of getting home and usually hitting it right away. Not everybody does it every day, they use it in a different rhythm. For the last several years, I would not do much else. Aside from wanting to hold up good behavior, I would keep to a minimum any going out with work friends and if I did I would have only 1 (maybe to be inconspicuous and not deal with questions); but most of the time, 0. I would be fine going without for 2, 4 or 6 hours, like an expert, ha ha. Then I would get home and wonder if I had left a little abruptly or cranky (the answer was yes at times). Then hit it even if it was past midnight, when I would normally be in bed. I would get a small intake in (1 or 2 or 3) by comparison to what was normal (6, 7 or 8 - once a year maybe 11 or 13). All the while, fully aware of the fact that I had a bondage to this hermit thing you were talking about. The thing that helped me to be more gregarious when I was your age eventually locked me up at home, where the problems were before I ever tried alcohol. I guess that was a "functioning alcoholic." But I eventually grabbed on to the moment when I knew I couldn't function with it anymore. Probably a good 14 years of my life that I could have had more "life" in it. I'm taking it back now.

That wasn't rambling at all, I'm so glad to hear about this Day One for you. If you want it stopped, I want it too. It definitely has helped me to come in here, I hope you will find the same.
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