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I can feel your pain because I lost my Mom in July. Although she didn't have Cancer, she was in terrible pain. The last 3 days, they had her so heavily medicated that the only time she reacted was when they would turn her and then she would cry out in pain. Hospice came to the Nursing Home and took over her care. I was so grateful that they were there, because I don't know how I would have gotten through it. I didn't pick up while going through this and after her passing while making all the necessary arrangements, thank God.

I would sit next to her bed and hold her hand in the middle of the night when the rest of the world seemed to be sleeping. What thoughts went through my mind was how grateful I was that Mom got to see me live almost 4 years Happy, Joyous and Free from the obsession. (She passed away 10 days before my 4 Year Anniversary) I know how proud of me she was, just like I'm sure your Dad is so proud of you. We both gave our Parent's the greatest gift we ever could give them, seeing their Daughter's overcome this disease of addiction and move on with our lives.

The last words that my Mom spoke to me were, "I love you too." I'm crying as I type this because I know how you're feeling right now. As much as I want my Mom back here with me, I would never wish her back in the pain that she was in. She truly is in a better place but I know she watches over me with much pride in her heart.

My Prayers are with you and your Family during this difficult time.

God Bless,
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