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Originally Posted by Surlyredhead View Post
...I mentioned a few months back that my Dad was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. We were given so much hope in the beginning, they found it early, it was small we are a few months later, I really don't know if he will make it through the night. He is so medicated for pain, he only has moments of clarity here and there (he is in Hospice) . This SUCKS, I am not ready to let him go.

Through all of this, I am sober, and I don't want to drink. I am grateful for the last 15 1/2 years I have had sober to enjoy time with my parents. But the pain of the situation is horrible. I have friends that have lost a parent, but I never really knew how they felt until now. I HATE this...I need a hug.

I admire you greatly.

I have been going through a bad time recent. Broken engagement, lost home, laid off from work and to add to all that my dad has also been fighting cancer, so I know exactky how you feel.

Unfortunately I am not strong like you.

I have been hitting the bottle.
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