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Originally Posted by Ghostman View Post
But latetly I had been messing around with a lot of prescriptions too..
The thing about me is I am always positive and don't get down like this..
just recently has been a bit different, lot of things going on..
I am letting them get to me I guess.. its not good..
I know I certainly drank to escape. It 'seemed' better to just get so out of it that the problems would disappear.

Of course, that only happens until I woke up, still had the same problems along with massive hangovers and self-loathing.

Like you, I had a very hard time asking for help. I thought it was a sign of weakness (I can handle it, yeah right). I found that asking for help is a sign of strength - to reach out, share our experience and receive feedback and support from those who know exactly how we was the best thing I ever did.

Maybe stop and ask yourself what things are so different that's making you feel less positive?

And by all means, keep posting and sharing - no doubt many of us have been there.
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