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Welcome to SR! I am so glad you found us! I am CrackQuack, an addict (crack cocaine), one year clean. I have little experience with rehab/lockup (from my teen years). Sounds like your husband has learned some hard lessons and is taking the right steps to not repeat them! That is good. Always reward his progress and don't call him names when he slips up. He'll already be beating himself up, IF he relapses. As long as he wants help, just be there for him. He has to get and stay clean for himself. If he's truly ready to fight the battle with addiction, he has to do the work. The extent of my experience of living with an addict is the addict I lived with I used with. Both of us are addicts. And neither of us wanted to quit..
Soooo, I don't have much experience with living with an addict who is trying to get clean. I recommend you check out some alanon or naranon meetings. And definitely check out our friends and family forum. They have a LOT of experience, strength, hope, advice, love, tough love, and all that you will need to take care of YOURSELF first, so you can help your husband. But there is SO MUCH more to it. I hope everything works out with you two and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!
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