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I'm lost and don't know how to help.

My husband of 2 years in currently in medical detox from Loritabs. He admitted in the beginning that he was addicted to them. Now after he lost 2 jobs, and almost his son's life in a wreck, he is in rehab. I have been supportive thru everything and very glad he is in rehab, but I'm so scared of what will happen next. He is my best friend and I have noone else to talk to about this. I have no experience in this and I want him to succeed in this choice he made. I don't want to push him or say the wrong thing but to encourage his progress positively.
I am a pretty strong emotionally, but lately I haven't been. I just don't want to be selfish when I have been so unselfish for 2 yrs. Any advice or constructive critizism will be appreciated.
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