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Well done on 6 days.

A few things I think of if I was to buy/take home/pour & drink THAT wine.
Hope they help!

1: How the hell will I tell everyone who is now proud of me that I Couldn't do it?

2: Tomorrow morning won't be fresh and clean and eventful, it will be sick and sore and I will have to get through it

3: I will smell awful, look even worse and feel terrible

4: My emotions & feeling won't be raw and real, they will be dulled and I'll be wracked with guilt

5: The guilt will make me depressed and I will drink again and again and again

6: My pleasures in life are real, my children, my husband, my friends, wine is an illusion, a faker, a trickster who gives me nothing but problems and puts a block between my real pleasures, I don't want that, I am Happy Sober.

7: If I pick up that wine, I will live to regret it and ultimately die regretful

Somber I know, but SOBERING for me!! Good Luck, stay on board and enjoy your Real life, not fretting over a fake one involving alcohol. I used to think of my alcohol as a treat, as a time out, but then treats are good things and I have decided that there is absolutely Nothing good about alcohol!!
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