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Day 6 - Hanging In There!

Hi All,

Just wanted to check in with my on-line support group to let you know that it's Day 6 and I'm still sober! I'll be hitting my noon meeting today and my 7:30 meeting tonight.

I would ask for your thoughts and prayers for me as I'm REALLY struggling during the evening hours. My routine used to be as follows:

3:30-4:00ish - "Man, I can't wait to get home to hit the wine!"
5:00ish - Leave work, pick up magnum bottle of wine
5:30 - 6:30ish - Drink 2 glasses (BIG glasses) of wine

Then I would not drink during dinner, helping kids with homework and getting them down.

However, from about 8:15ish until staggering to bed, it was non-stop wine-fest.

Anyways, I haven't hit the point where I'm about to get in the car to go grab a bottle, but my mind keeps going back to the old, "How am I going to do this the rest of my life?!" kind of thing. I know I'm not supposed to think outside of the day, but I am having a hard time changing the brain channel.

Anyways, just wanted to be honest. I hope you all are doing great and thanks once again for all of your support.

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