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Originally Posted by BrotherIsLoser View Post
Tyler: I came here to vent, obtain insights, learn, and most importantly to figure out what I should do about my situation.

I am not overreacting. He smells like weed. His friend smells like weed. His room (actually the living room that is never used as one) smells like weed too. He smokes with the door ajar and/or very close to my window. Tonight alone he and his friend smoked 4 times that I know of, in addition to morning and afternoon. My throat feels sore - some kind of weird burning censation that I never felt before. These are all facts.
Uh, ok, you have a sore throat, it happens. This is overacting...

Now I have a sore throat, no I am not sick, but I'm convinced it's due to all this smoke. My brother has also lit incense (spelling?) and who knows what toxins are in that, but the smell is horrible! I can't breathe in this house. It's making me nervous now, since I'm starting to think I could be developing lung cancer. I will probably have to go see a doctor to be certain.

You say "I came here to vent, obtain insights, learn, and most importantly to figure out what I should do about my situation.

That's fine, but the primary purpose of this forum is not to vent about family members drug use. As you have been told numerous times, if you go to the Friends and Family forum, not only my you find a more sympathic audience, but you may actually get some help. Everyone here has told you pretty much the same can't control your brother, you can only control your situation. Funny thing is, you'll most likely get the exact same advice in the other forum. It sounds like you may actually be working towards a solution, which is good.

I wish you all the best. I know it can be truly impossible to understand what makes an addict tick, most of us didn't understand it ourselves. While you are fundementally correct, all an addict needs to do is stop, we often lack the ability to do that by ourselves. Trust me, we wish it were different, but it is what it is. You don't have to understand it, but, unfortunatly it is how it is. Take care.
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