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I think a lot here are misinterpreting what I said in my reply. I think the OP should do exactly what he is instructed to do by his sponsor/therapist/Dr etc.

Just for the sake of my own opinion, I think it will be rather hard to go to an out of towner to get a white chip, then go back to home group and act as if nothing happened. It's a complete set-up for lying, or half truths if he is going to have to hide what he did in front of other professionals/nosy people. What happens if someone asks, how's your sober life, is everything going OK at home, are you struggling with any steps (obviously #1, maybe not the powerless part but definitely the unmanageable area) And, I understand it is NOBODIES business, but there will be the busy bodies, and that is where the dishonesty set up comes from. If it were me and my career depended on nobody knowing, I'd have to bite the bullet and go someplace else. I am in no way attacking the OP, I just don't understand how it is possible to go back to a meeting and act like it never happened. And it was never clarified....Why such a fear if co-workers are in the program. Wouldn't they be just as frightened of being found out?

Also, I know most people understand what the second A in AA stands for. That's why I followed up with And if they are not adhering to it, they are not working a program and will relapse.

Yes, it is not guarenteed but in the case of freshclay, there is no possibility of working an honest program at his home group anymore if this doesn't come out.
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