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Welcome to SR! I am glad you found it, as it's one of those places where it's "The more the merrier!" and I really mean that. There is so much support, love, guidance, and information. No matter where we're at, in our journey, we can always find people and things to relate to and learn here at SR. It's a very big, online place! LOL.
I am CrackQuack, a crack addict, 11 months clean. My birthday is February 3rd 2010 (wow, I almost wrote my naked birthday, just four days before, LOL). Anyway, I was there. I did the same things! I thought that by smoking pot, drinking just two or three drinks, or even popping an extra couple vicodins, I'd be in a much better place than where I was when I smoked crack. I thought "As long as I am not smoking crack, I am OK!" and that simply is not true.
While I totally agree with my uncle smoking pot, and would never judge him for it (recovering heroin addict with AIDS), this system was clearly not designed for me. I didn't switch addictions, but doing other drugs ALWAYS lead me back to smoking crack. I'd get that buzz off of pot or the vikes, and next thing I know, crack is in one hand, the stem in the other. Looking for a place to hide and a lighter to get it on.. Ugh.
I still hate it, but I've got to remember that none of it worked for me, and I was still lying and hiding.. Being sneaky. I had to surrender and give it all up. I still have SO much to learn, but I am clean and looking forward to learning it!
And I think we all will continue to learn, much about ourselves, and other people, places, and things. It's part of why I love life so much more now. There is so much to learn and I want to live long enough to learn as much as I can!
Again, welcome to SR. Congrats on getting right with nearly everyone (I understand, in a professional world, it's a bit tougher to do things like that, I do have a semi-professional thing I do that I could never reveal my addiction to, but the IMPORTANT people know and are there to support you). Get that white chip, where ever you need to, and you're doing the absolute right thing and getting back on track. :ghug3
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