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Originally Posted by Horselover View Post
Daphne - I just read this post #16 and not any of the others here and so forgive me. My question is WHY are you even on a sober recovery site. Its for people that are addicted to things. You obviously have no problem with drinking from what this post indicates. Do you have a loved one that is addicted to something and that is why you are here? Just confused. Sorry.

BTW - I am totally not saying you cannot be here because that would not be right. I just am honestly asking why and there is no underlying meaning in this question.
I was told to stop drinking by medical staff. I did for a while but find it hard as I said drinking enhances my life and is a well established habit , have debated with me and others whether this is dependency or addiction
The post about being " happy "annoyed me , so my response to it was probably not measured enough sorry
I think you responded on my other thread so take it this response by you is sarcy/tounge in cheek , better to be upfront and honest with people don;t you think
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