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Hi there
Yes my life is really happy. My alcohol has never taken over its supplemented my life. Sorry if that seems hard to believe. The more I read posts here the more I realise I am so lucky, I have REAL friends and a great life.
Have been through the traumas of life with the support of my 6 best friends. Including really hard losses. We are all different. Drink does not bind us. Infact one is tee total one rarely drinks and only 2 of us really love our booze. I KNOW 100% they will be with me what ever happens as we have been through so much and more importantly out relationship is not defined by drink.
There are many many on this forum posting how happy their lives are sober, how joyous it is , how wonderful, now they are sober. You could equally question if it such a wonderful life why would you need to go on about it? You would not need to make the statement so strongly if you had inner contentment
I have just had a fantastic day trip today in the city of edinburgh, Its a gorgeous place we looked at the architecture, leanred about the history, saw some art, had a great meal and YES we drank in a few of the characterful bars and chatted to some interesting people.
We did not need a drink to enjoy this. that is the difference I am happy without drink and happy with it.
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