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Originally Posted by Stereosteveo View Post
Setting a stop date and planning my own recovery sounded like a good idea for a long time. But I couldn't seem to find a way to take the emminent "resume date" off the calendar. The day that always got the best of me.

I thought there were external forces causing me to drink. So I kept trying to re-arrange life to suit myself. No matter how far ahead and perfectly I arranged everything, I kept finding an excuse. So that didn't work either.

When I gave up on all of that and focused my efforts on the 12-step process, I gave the miracle a chance to happen.

Looking back, if I could have planned my own recovery, I would have recovered long before I did. I can't even tell you my sobriety date. I planned so many that I finally quit planning. One thing I've learned, when I quit planning, then God's plan has a chance.
Sorry all that talk of "miracles" and "god's plan " is so not appropriate
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