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Nice post Tox. Thanks for your insight.

Yeah I'm real opinionated about opinions theses this stinky outpouring will confirm.
Can opinions on recovery hurt or even kill people? I don't know.

Here's a saying I've heard in recovery that I like:
"Be careful when carrying your own message, it never worked."

On the flipside a guy in our meeting says "You can't say anything that's going to hurt the new guy more than the bottle of Vodka he just finished. He's gonna die anyway.."
I guess I can kinda see the point there also.

Personally I needed to hear "A" message when I got to recovery. One with depth and weight. One that's documented and has worked for millions of people. One that explained the problem, the program of action, and a promised soultion. I'm so grateful to the people who repeadtedly hammered home the hopelesness of my situation, and cared more about whether I lived or died than whether my little feelings got hurt. But that's just me. I'm hard-headed to say the least. I needed to hear the same message repeatedly for what seemed like forever. Had it been 10,000 different messages I don't know if any of it would have ever clicked.

Yes there are all sorts of opinions on recovery shared here. But is it better not to share at all, than to share something that "may" help someone? Or at least help them see a different point of view? I don't know about you, but that's how I learn.

My program tells me specifically to carry THE message to the guy who still suffers as part of my recovery. Those that no longer suffer, or who never "really" suffered may not understand it. And that's a hard thing for a guy like me to do without putting my little twist on it. But it works. So I'm going to keep working it. The fact is my message kept me drunk for many moons. I didn't have the slightest clue of how to recover when I arrived. I have to remember that. And I will also admit, sometimes it still hurts my ego to I realize that I was never able to come up with my own solution. I'm not one to follow the sheep, believe me. I couldn't stand the people who carried THE message for the longest time, I thought "You weakling conformists!" *hiccup..*

I practiced humilty for a long period by not saying anything. Silence definitely kept my feelings and emotions protected to a point. I needed that then, because I didn't have the inner strength to deal with your disagreements without getting drunk.

But then I got the gift. And when you get a gift like I've received, you want to share it with everyone who's trying to leave the neighborhood you came from. So we carry it, but we can't enforce it. We just keep it alive for the student, because we don't know when he will be ready.

At any rate, with all of that said I like this line too:

"Don't try to do it perfectly, God."
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