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Originally Posted by sunset2000 View Post
How do you stay strong once you start making good solid decisions, when your past mistakes keep getting thrown in your face?
The events of the past cannot be changed. What can be changed is how we perceive those events. They may be perceived as a lesson from which we can learn something or we can allow them to act as a source of regret and shame. The logical approach, and in this case the most appropriate one, is to come to terms with the past and believe firmly that in our most sober moments we wouldn't do what we did while drinking. What we do while drinking, at least to me, is not a true reflection of our sober character.

Sooooo, your friend is being a jerk. Plain and simple. What you did in those days can't be changed. It just is. When drinking you made decisions that were less than your best. But to use that against you now is immature and disrespectful.

Keep making those solid decisions. It was the right decision to ask this person to leave. You had other friends who backed you up. What you did was the adult thing to do. The person you asked to leave is acting like a petulant child.

Just my take. Sorry for sounding so much like Spock. LOL
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