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Sobriety does get better and easier. It sucked for the first few months. Sometimes it still sucks. My problems are still there - they haven't gone anywhere. It's been a lot easier to deal with things sober than drinking though. In my experience, things just got to the point where I HAD to deal with them. I had to stop drinking/using over a serious health problem and spent some time in hospital. My emotional pain hasn't stopped but I am better able to deal with it and resovle it. Drinking really solved nothing for me. It just numbed the pain for a while, but I had gotten to the point where I really couldn't function. I couldn't shower, couldn't go to work, couldn't leave the house, let alone deal with the financial hole I had dug myself into, prepare for major surgery or address my family of origin issues.

Dealing with life sober isn't easy but the gifts that sobriety brings makes up for it. In sobriety we have options and possibilities that we'll never have in drinking. The pain does ease up. Sobriety does get easier. It just takes persistence and a willingness to try different things. Talking to people and reaching out is really important, so stick around SR. Maybe post each day and let us know how you are doing. We all benefit from each other's experience.
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