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Originally Posted by keithj View Post
I'm not trying to jump on semantics, Ladyslur. Your sponsor failed to carry the message of AA's simple program to you. You could not have taken Step 1 and still believe that finding the will is a solution. Lack of power is our dilemma. Because I lack the power to quit, that's what makes me an alcoholic. At least according to Step 1.

If you really want to quit, find a sponsor who understands this.
Thanks for the advice, but there was nothing wrong with my sponsor. She was smart, kind and helpful. AA is just a bad fit for me. I realize it works for some people, but it is frustrating to constantly be told to try something that I've already tried and did not find helpful.

Perhaps I articulated it poorly, but what I meant was some version of what several people on this thread have said about being ready to quit. It's not that I don't understand step 1. I'm no longer attempting the steps.
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