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Ananada! I wish I wouldnt have gotten off on my tangent there...I prefer to be called detail oriented but I do know I am quite long winded and like to cover all my bases and tell a story but I could have gotten out my whole point there which is what I cant od now b/c I now have a neighbor visiting until his mom can get off work to pick him up (at least people still trust me with their kids...they must be desperate, j/k) but I will fast forward past the whole rehab things and say right after getting released and learning a lot about AA and NA meetings there and continuing to go to them for a couple year and only getting 30 days sober 4 times and then celebrating or thinking I could control everytime but that obviously was not the case or I wouldnt have landed where I am today which is.
I had a wonderful babay girl was sober 110% for 8.5 months (as soon as I found out) felt great NEVER thought I would go back to drinking and drugging again but my husband still did so things would still be in the house and the fact they sent me home with a script for 60 percosets (until that point I always HATED opiates and thought I was allergic to them) and was just an alhohol and benzo person. With the perc script they sent me home from the hosp with (I had no pai at all and did not need it btw) made me super mom I didnt care if I slept or stayed awake with my new babay b.c I was so high and had so much energy (I didnt know thats what it was at the time I just thought I was elated at the time. This is also the time i started to find out that my husband had a severe addiction (which is nothing compared to hwat we have gotten ourselves into today) and he was taking 20-30 hydrocodones a day. I was so excited about my first babay who was with this wonderful man I had been with for over 10 years already I didnt notice I only noticed that we didnt nearly have as much extra money as we used to. So I took the 60 percs and then got a few more refills for the pain from labor or in my back (they thought due to the epi. and since doc was a family friend he was like whatever with the scripts) when those ran out I let my husband do exactly what he had been and that was order off the internet to
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