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just thought I would share...

So as some of you know I am in the process of buying a new mobile home-well my offer was approved-big question is if the park will approve me I have bad credit and DUI's.....So I get a call from the park and this guy wants me to come into the office to talk...I was like great any time this happens it's bad right? So I go in there and he tells me to explain my credit history which I did and then he tells me he doesn't want any more "problem children" in the park (I'm 31 LOL). Then he just straight up asks me if I think I have a problem with alcohol and I was in shock and told him yes I am an alcoholic working on recovery 19 days sober-thinking at the same time-well just killed all hope of living there....
Anyway his reply was "Great, I have 20 years this week!" I couldn't do anything but laugh with relief as he told me all I needed to do was be honest with him and he would do his best to get me in the park if I did my best to stay sober! I know in AA they say to always be honest but I never expected things would work out like this-he also told me I can always come to him and he knows plenty of ladies that will help me. Just thought I would share-it's weird how this worked out-I honestly thought I had blown it-who wants to have an alcoholic living in a nice place right? Guess I thought wrong...
Just felt I would share this-life really is weird and now I have more motivation then ever to stay sober-it works for me!
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