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LOL, I am always amazed at how many of the stories on SR are parallel!

My A always calls me a trailer park trash! he even says, all you need is a cigarette dangling from your lip...

I always think, since he is pretty far off in his assessment, that he is so internally self conscious of how trashy it is to drink the way he does, all he can do is project it onto me.

When I used to get angry about him sleeping around, lying, whatever... I would be so pi$$ed off, and he would always say, "I just had a baby with the wrong girl,I guess...I should have picked a sweet woman, not a man. I should have picked some one who is not a piece of angry trash.."

Its kind of funny, now. I would be so flabbergasted. Its just like when he would call me at home, playing with my son, putting him to bed...calm and quiet...He would call from the bar all messed up and accuse me of being an irresponsible alcoholic for going out with the girls weeks before. Projection.

My new catch phrase; Holy projection, Batman! lol!
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