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Hi there....

Welcome to SR

Have you posteed in the newcomers forum?... you might get more replies than starting a thread here... also you could try posting in one of the daily support threads where you have started this thread... there are some real good ones about... great bunch of people... just trying to get through day to day living..
Everyone i have met on SR have been really supportive..

You say you dont know who you are or what you want!

None of us do when we start this journey into sobriety... myself i still didnt really believe i had a problem... but i did... still do...
I have learned to live with it though... it takes time and hard work... and alot of desperation to be honest... your post read as though you had some of this already so your on the journey mate..

As i have said the people who visit SR... some it is home... the support they get/i get is invaluable... read/post/listen/learn... but above all dont give up on this journey... when its hard... talk about it... we will be here with you... and you will always find someone who has gone through the same or a similar thing..

Your are no longer alone... and please try to believe me when i say you are NOT a waste of space... i know i am a stranger and dont know you... but i felt the same as you and it has taken me along time to get even a sense of self worth back... but i have... and you will too... just fight for it..

Take care and good luck on your journey

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