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I have been on suboxone for a little over a year as well. It has done wonders for me and allowed me the time to put some distance between my soul, my cravings and my sanity. And what I mean is, I have been allowed the priviledge of keeping my sanity and saving my soul. While it has helped tremendously, like all of you, I want to get off of it someday and not be comitted to this forever either.

And like the gentleman noted above, everyone will have a different reaction to the medicaation and I too felt some euphoria initially that was mild but also soothing in, it calms your nerves and allows you to think clearly. This does become more "normal" though and after a while, it is like taking any other long term medication. The difference is though, for me the fear of what will happen when I get off of them? I don't want to relapse and with suboxone, you don't even think about using! That is the beauty of it... you are allowed freedom, even if it seems false because of the "crutch" of the medication.

There is one drawback though, and I wonder if the makers now about this... don't use suboxone with nuerotin or gapatin (spelling is wrong), (for nerve treatment). Mixed together, the suboxone and neurotin will cause you to get "high" and it is a definite form of subsitution of opiates!

Best to all...

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