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Originally Posted by firestorm090
Instead, I'm going to work hard on learning how to live without alcohol. If I become involved in learning how to live without booze, then the emphasis is not on the booze, instead it's on learning how to live, which may seem like a play on words, but it's a mindset change for me.
Sounds like what I'm doing. I'm developing life skills that take my focus from 'just not drinking' to developing in a wholesome matter in life. I think it works for me because growing in a positive direction has such a pull on me that falling back into old patterns of active addiction loses it attraction.

I find that I am doing my best development in recovery by having a personalized addiction treatment plan. Having a combination of in person support, recovery tools and SoberRecovery is helping me in so many ways that I cant list them all.

Keep going forward in your recovery!
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