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I realize that many addicts and alcoholic need medical help to detox. Some people feel they need medication because a doctor says they do.

Personally I stay away from medicine as much as possible I am very sensitive to many meds that mainstream doctors prescribe. I prefer the advise of natural doctors. I am not a doctor and do not claim to be so. I am very in touch with my own body and my mind. I realize both can get out of balance. I also realize that many people are as in touch with their body and mind as I am.

I go against the tide a lot. I know I am not always right and I can be hated when I am right. My sister says she hates me because I am free. I just don't buy a lot of the things many people do. I believe a person can know what is wrong with them self and do what it takes to get well.

No matter which way you go know that getting well is a process. Sometimes your mind and spirit gets ahead of your body but your body will never get ahead of your mind or your spirit.

Healing is a very private and individual thing. Some people are able to share their experiences with others. I would hope that just because some one reads something that someone else does or worked for them that they would not misconstrue it as something they ought to jump to do.

I have been in contact with the Dr. who calls addiction Hyposim he seems very passionate about his work. I do not receive anything from him to promote his work. I think his theory is interesting and if I fell back into active substance addiction I might consider his methods. I know my brain played a major role in my addiction sickness. I believe when I was working to get clean that balancing out my brain played a major role in me getting well it took both nutrition and awareness of my thoughts and behaviors for me to get well. I see my codependence is about my brain sickness too I just don't use substance but I am still using if I am attempting to control an addict. I am working on getting back my sanity and it is a process.

I am an expert in being me and nothing else.
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