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Thanks ashleek for bringing up this topic: I just completed step 2 with my sponsor on thursday this week.
I didn't start going to AA until I'd been sober 2 months. I didn't find a sponsor until I'd been going to meetings for about 8 months. I didn't read the first part of the big book after I had purchased it....until 10 months later. It took me 7 months to complete step 2.

Alright, I think we have established I am a slow learner.....

It took me a long time to work my way through step 2 because I rejected organized religion at a very young age: while I was still in a Roman Catholic Parochial school.... that I can only describe as the school from HXXL. It was awful. If you want a good way to turn a child into a hater of organized religion, send them to the religious school I went to.
But I never rejected personal spirituality. I see a big difference between organized religion and personal spirituality. I found personal spirituality through step 2 and am very thankful for having the chance to do so and step 2 gave me the chance. I have lived most of my life without a moral compass and it feels very good to have one now. Of course, I forget to use it....eeeehhh...

Will I tell you to believe in a higher power as I percieve it? Of course not. Do I want you to accept my definition of spirituality? 'Course not.

It was a big job and rather expensive: lots of amazon books...lots of reading, learning.
My goal was to find a personal spirituality I could accept on my terms and yet still understand that my "terms" are probably somewhat superfluous in the grand scheme of things. I drew from Buddhist thought to a great extent. I read Thoreau. I read Plato. Plato didn't help, ha. But I have drawn my strength and spiritual direction from as many diverse sources as possible, and even good films were in my inventory.

but...the point is that I searched.
and, yes, I was angry the first few months of my sobriety. Very angry.
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