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Hi Ashlee -
Your posts remind me of me in early sobriety -
I was in a hurry and wanted it all to happen right away.

Much of this life of sobriety thing takes time.

What I try to tell my sponsees
notice I said *try*

one thing at a time.

To you,
since you asked for someone who's worked the steps
(we never stop, really - not if we're going to STAY sober)

my advice first and a good place to be at the start
is to find a sponsor.

We've got these sayings that people cringe at hearing
but after you've been around a while
they suddenly make sense
and one of them is

first things first.

in working toward a solution
working it the AA way, that is -

watch the people in your group.
the woman you see there
who is centered, speaks with knowing about the program
and life
the woman who has some sober time on her side
maybe she's poised, or otherwise shows that she has what you want

is the person you ask to be your sponsor.

Then together -
the both of you will work on the first step.

And that's how it starts.

For now - let the rest take care of itself.

Good for you!
You're actually reading the book!
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