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Much of my life i felt distant from God because of my misunderstandings.
God is truly perfect and should not get his hands dirty dealing with me.
God is so above everything, how could he care about someone like me.
God is harsh and judgemental, if i approach Him he will quickly condemn me.
God has never made a mistake and just wouldn't understand what i've done.
God would expect too much of me if i tried to do his will & follow his direction.
God is unapproachable if i am not a member of the right religious community.

i am very grateful the literature suggests that i develope a working knowledge of God. i can leave beyond any preconceptions of who or what i think God is & find my own understanding. i can use the evidence all around me to discover the true nature of God. i can come to realize God's character in the actions of another alcoholic/addict helping me to stay clean & recover daily. My belief can grow as i learn to adjust my attitudes in a positive way & continue to make progress (rather than perfection). i can trust the love God has for me in becoming free of self obsession and the insanity of addiction. Fear, which prevented me from having an open & honest relationship with God, fades in the light of living a new way of life. Each day is an opportunity to find what works for me in the here & now and to cast aside the old ideas that didn't work for me. It's a one day at a time way of living life on life's terms.

Give yourself a break & just ask for the sight to see the obvious.
Easy does it ashleek, you will not come to believe all in one day.
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