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Originally Posted by chrisinaustin View Post
Were you honest with your doctor about your alcohol use? I'm very surprised that any doctor would prescribe atavan to someone in recovery.

That bring said, I was given benzodiazipines as part of my inpatient detox protocol under 24-hour medical supervision, and yea, I was hella foggy.
The doctor I am seeing is part of my counselling sessions. I am following an outpatient detox/recovery plan and I was totally honest with my councellor and doctor from day 1. They said that it was totally normal to use Ativan for withdrawal, as i was worried about taking them, and they have given me a plan of when i should take them and reduce gradually. My last day on ativan is tomorrow where i will just take half pill b bed time. .5 mg

Its the only thing that helps with the anxiety at thee moment

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