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bananagrrrl getting a sponsor is awesome, I was pretty darn lucky, in detox they had told us to get a sponsor, so the first meeting I went to out of detox I asked this guy I did not know from Adam to be my sponsor.............. He said "No"!!! He told me he would be my temporary sponsor though. We spoke at length, he shared with me suggestions that had helped him in early sobriety to stay sober, but more importantly he shared with me what I should look for in a sponsor.

Following his suggestions helped me to stay sober until I found my present sponsor with whom I took the steps. I do the same thing with any man who asks me to sponsor him, I agree to be his temporary sponsor at first making sure he understands that my feelings will not be hurt in the least if they find another sponsor.

Oh how I remember how scared I was asking him to be my sponsor, what I was scared of I have no idea, probably rejection! When he first said no I thought I was going to die on the spot, but his explanation let me know he was watching out for me and not rejecting me.
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