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Cath & Kez, trust is crucial, but one must always be sure that the trust is developed.

A lesson that one must learn is who to trust, trust is something we need to learn to do, but at the same time we need to be wary of who we trust, both in and outside of recovery.

By the time I got to doing my 5th step with my sponsor I had developed a trust in him that I could share my deepest darkest secret with him and know 2 things:

1. No matter what I told him, it remained between him, God & I & would never go no further.

2. That no matter what I told him that he would not judge me for my past nor my present.

A honest and thorough 5th step gave me freedom beyond my wildest dreams.

I told him a secret I had held on to for about 40 years, this was something that had eaten me alive with shame and guilt, once it left my lips I realized just how ridiculous it had been to hold onto that shame and guilt for all those years, he did not bat an eye, he asked me a few questions about it and giving him the answers set me free even more.

I have heard it said that secrets kill more alcoholics then anything. I can see how they would today.
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