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Well, I'll share what happened to me: I was stuck on step two for months on end. In the process, I challenged my own definition of spirituality. I did some real soul searching and returned to my childhood dislike of organized religion, especially the RC church and ultimately rejected it.

Which sent me off on a journey to find a spirituality that I can understand and it led me to buddhism: which is not based on diety worship and is a philoshophy I can relate to and I have incorporated it into my 12 step work. Other people have done the same and I use Kevin Griffin's book: "One Breath at a time, Buddhism and the 12 steps" to ground myself further in the step work.

But I could just as well followed another path with step two. I could have chosen the fellowship as my higher power, as many have done.

It seems to me that your rejection of step two is based on assuming that it requires an acceptance of organized religious beliefs, both western and non-western.
It doesn't have to be that way.

Look at step two:
"Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity". I found a lot of philosophical wiggling room in that phrase, and maybe you can too. I know you are not an alcoholic, but the NA steps are similar to AA.
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