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Hendershot... While you don't have to believe in God to benefit from the fellowship of AA... And I agree that the 3rd tradition does not mention God...

Lot's of the steps, well most, do mention a higher power... It is a spiritual program. To fully benefit from AA, a person would want to work the steps, do the work.

Miami is finding that he is so powerless over his addiction that he can't even talk about his DOC without being triggered. He can't even manage a meeting for this reason. The fellowship is not enough. Since he is unable to work the actual program because he cannot believe in a higher power, or is uninterested in doing so, then NA is not going to help. In fact, it's making him worse because he wants to use.

That doesn't apply to you, because you are able to take what you need from the fellowship and recover. That's great, really.

So the fellowship and a lack of faith in a higher power, not mutually exclusive. The program, not so.

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