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Wull... I am sober. I used drugs 2 months ago, drank one month ago. Haven't touched it since. The good news is my mindset is a bit better than it was when I posted this originally. Maybe it's still the booze/drugs talking. I dunno.

And yeah, I agree people can be that warped. But it's not the case with him. His boss threw a hissy fit and canceled everyone's time off. I saw his housemates griping about it on Facebook.

But sfgirl said something that sounds a lot like me: I keep waiting for something bad to happen. I think I just anticipate it now. Maybe a month ago I figured something would happen and he wouldn't come. And it's not just this one time this friend didn't get to visit me. That's part of life. I think I just have a negative outlook lately.

Thanks for replying. I know it was a kind of vent-ish post but I appreciate the replies!
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