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Please let us know how it goes with the rape crisis center. I cannot recommend them enough. There was a time in the US when there were no rape crisis centers. There was also a time when there were no adequate rape laws: I can sadly remember a time when rape victims would frequently not press charges because they would often be described as being at fault for the rape. All too often the victim's past sex life would be used to incriminate her instead of the rapist.

It was a big change in the court systems when wives and prostitutes actually started to charge rape. Everyone had the idea that a wife couldn't be raped. And, yes, our society thought that a prostitute couldn't be raped either.

I am fortunate enough to know some of the wonderful women who started the first rape crisis centers in the 1970's. They were real pioneers.

Anyway, I am not advocating anything: I won't give you advice how to proceed from this point, but, I am very glad to see you continue to post and I am very glad to hear you are going to a center.
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