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Originally Posted by gerryP View Post
Katie, I couldn't sit with the pain that was caused *by my drinking*

It all seemed normal to me, one crisis after the other. Couldn't understand how I could be so unlucky. One thing...after another, day in and day out, here we go again... It never occurred to me that all the trouble was caused not only by *me* but as a result *of* my drinking.

Never mind your house burning down Katie, you and your animals could have died in the fire
Thanks, don't think I don't realize this. Now, as if this isn't all great enough I get a form email from the treatment place, after saying my house was full of smoke, saying blah blah blah. I told them to keep the money. I am so *damn sick* of this stuff. It's up to ME to save me -and I do so appreciate all of your support. You know, bottom line, is no one is going to save us until I save me and all of you. These treatment places really are in it for the money. Yikes, I am going to take a nap and shake this off. And I just sent my brother an email, saying I needed to talk to him, and this is something I NEVER would have done in my entire life.
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