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Originally Posted by jamdls View Post
I think it's very important to say how you feel, whether to a 3rd party or to the person you have the issue with. It seems most alcoholics/addicts wind up that way because we keep everything inside of us and we use to numb the feelings/pain.

Yes, well said. I am trying to be more open and say how I feel, but it's tough. I wonder how "normal" people are able to do this. To say how I feel at times is a huge risk. I am always thinking I look crazy. Tonight there was this movie on Lifetime TV (one of my faves to escape) called "Unstable." OMG. I kept comparing myself to her, but there was a very interesting twist at the end. She wasn't crazy, but was set up to believe she was, as a result of going off her meds. Just food for thought for me, at least.
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