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Meditation~ Thanks so much for this post. I thought I was the only one driven mad by clutter. We are somewhat different in that I really have only a little bit. It is my huzzy who has ALOT. It drives me batty. I have went through my things a million times and gotten rid of stuff just so that there is LESS stuff. He is a pack rat.."oh I may use that later" type. I have at least in the living room confined his stuff to a BIG basket. I just throw stuff in there. I guess the point really though is that should it really bother me this much?.....Hard to say I guess, at least from my perspective.

As for exercise I really was doing well when I first got sober you are more likely to find me here than the gym or outside walking
But... things some point I will get back to it....

Guess I am sort of in a rut to, I know for me that my rut is not healthy. I plan on starting to dig myself out this week.

Keep us updated! :ghug
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