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Like the pills in your hand

Hey SR peeps. How are you all doing?

Well, have been lurking a lot these past weeks so i thought i would give it a shot and come out of the dark here.

Quickly: been working a lot, fortunately. sadly, i am still on benzos and it is fu**ed and sick and i have been feeling like hell. I am on what is supposed to be a "regular" dosage (1 mg / day ) but it is horrible. I actually get days that i wake up with a million-bottles hangover from them and there are some days that i can handle sticking to the hours i have to take them (one at 10 and the other one at 6) but somedays i feel horrible so i have to take it earlier, then skip the one at noon then wake up the next day having to take it inmediatly or some days of skipping them entirely because i feel good, then back on them the next day. They are definitively not helping and the bottle sounds like a far best option at times, but somehow i have managed so far. So i am drunk daily on a two-pack courtesy of Roche. Never exceeded the daily amount but still, sometimes it feels like going for that extra one. Talk about trading addictions.

So far, the struggle goes on. Seeing a psyquiatrist on the 22nd to see if this mess can be fixed up somehow. Ten days or more to go and feels like a thousand of them.

Well hope everyone is doing well! Much strength and love your way.

Recommend some movies this way ; )

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