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When it relates to getting sober, this was critical at the beginning for me. However, as more and more time went on I constantly felt like I was dangling a proverbial carrot in front of me, my mind wasn't wrapping around the "one day at a time", I was thinking about it too much, and to me 'just for today' meant that next drink was hanging out down the road somewhere. For myself, I HAD to make a more permanent statement and committment to myself about sobriety, something I struggled with before I was ready. I will never drink again, ever. Once I was ready to commit to that (and it took a while!), I felt much more free and not tied to what I was feeling about the 'just for today'. No, it's not just for today, its forever.... but, I can only work on that one moment, one thought, one breath at a time.
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