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Originally Posted by dothi View Post

Whenever I feel the old thinking creeping in, and I'm debating whether or not I should approach my boss about a mistake I've made or even a general error, I try and think of it this way: what will take more time? I ask myself this all the time, and in spite of my insecurities, I let this answer dictate my next course of action. Cause ultimately my boss will be most impressed with whatever decision takes the least amount of time - whatever is most efficient. Bosses care that you're self-aware and can manage yourself - including your mistakes. I think any boss will tell you that in their experiences it's impossible to expect people to not make mistakes 100% of the time.

I recently went on a course about confidence and anxiety in the workplace and this is exactly what the course co-ordinator told us. She said that most people would rather you say that you have made a mistake so it can be quickly dealt with or ask how to do something 20 times and get it right, rather than struggling on without telling anybody. That was a bit of a revelation to me, as my anxiety means that I often do made mistakes and I'm so het up that I struggle to take in information, but I felt like I should do everything right first time or I'd be a terrible employee!

I really struggle with keeping jobs, I find that they begin to take over my life to the point where I can't think of anything else and one morning something will just *pop* in my mind and I can't go back anymore. I have the Janet Woititz book, but haven't read it yet (working through her book on Acoa's in relationships at the mo), but will let everyone know what it's like when I get through it
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