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I'm just a little unwell
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The grocery store wasn't as bad as I feared it would be (but it was busier than it should have been). We now have a LOVELY combination of sleet and snow coming down. It was all sleet but about 10 minutes ago a few snowflakes started getting mixed in. Just great. Nothing like having roads covered in ice pellets and slush in a city that gets snow once or twice a year and has no equipment to deal with it.

I worked. I replaced the fish. I went to the grocery. I came home. No liquor store, and I AM NOT going back outside AT ALL today!

ETA: Yeah, about half of Tucker's book is listed in the Stories section of his site. There were just as many that I hadn't read as ones that I had. That man is sick and perverse and WRONG, but man his stories are funny.
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